Patient Advocacy, Mediation & Medical Liability Management

by Martine G. Brousse Healthcare Specialist, Patient Advocate, Certified Mediator

Why AdvimedPRO?

The healthcare system is very complex, leading to frustration and ever-increasing financial burdens for patients. I provide the expertise required in all aspects of the medical billing process, use my knowledge of regulations to help you navigate the system to your best advantage and offer creative solutions for the management of your healthcare costs.

Working with you, your insurer, and medical providers, I analyze claims, audit statements, negotiate lower fees, manage accounts, file appeals, and fight for your rights.  I offer trustworthy advice, creative solutions, and the most appropriate strategy.  A certified mediator, I help negotiate successful case resolutions.

Thanks Martine.  As always your services are extraordinary and the piece of mind you have brought me is immeasurable!

Thomas F, CA

Thanks again for everything you did to ease the stress and burden from this ordeal, and especially on the financial end of things.

Kris, OR

I had told you my doctor wanted your info, which I gave her.  Hope this brings you a lot of business.  Thanks again for your help.

Mark, CA

About Martine Brousse

AdvimedPRO founder Martine Brousse is a healthcare industry expert with over two decades of medical billing management experience and vast knowledge of the intricacies of navigating all types of payment claim issues. She is a certified mediator in 50 states.

It was in direct response to what she saw as a lack of resources for patients to effectively anticipate and expedite medical expenses that she created AdvimedPRO. Having run extremely successful, patient-oriented billing departments, this was a natural progression for her – one that allows her to apply a thorough understanding of the ever changing medical system in a way that directly and positively impacts patientsʻ lives.

Martine Brousse is a member of APHA. She abides by the Advocate’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Billing Manager for 2 decades
  • Supervised all billing stages
  • General Patient Advocacy
  • Account Management
  • Bill/EOB Auditing
  • Appeals & Grievances (insurance, State)
  • Fee/Payment Negotiations
  • Creative at finding solutions and optimizing resources
  • Certified Mediator
  • Lecturer
  • Author of “Guide to Resources and Assistance for Cancer Patients”