Fees are given for informational purposes only.  Contracts are based on individual, specific circumstances and are customized to each client and case. The final cost will be determined by the case and the scope of the project.

Initial Consulting Fee

Free by Phone or email (15 min). In person: TBD.

Report only

$200.00 (includes analysis & strategy) and up (includes letter or appeal templates).

Bill and EOB audits

Hourly or project-based.

Fee Negotiation

Hourly +/or Commission on savings.

Account Management

Flat project fee or yearly retainer (up to 20 hrs included then hourly).

General Advocacy Services

Most cost-effective and best option to be determined by case and scope of project.

General Advocacy Services

Most cost-effective and best option to be determined by case and scope of project.

Mediation Services

Starts at $350.00/hr for family-decision meetings.

Commission rate

Sliding scale, based on savings.

Provider Services

Please contact me.

Insurance Services

Please contact me.


Please contact me.


AdvimedPRO does not seek to provide specific medical, legal, accounting or other professional service. If expert assistance is required, it should be sought from a specialized professional.


1. AdvimedPRO provides clients with an honest assessment of their case, anticipated timeframe for completion and likely result as part of the work cost estimate, following the 1st consultation.2. All work orders are subject to prior assessment and approval. A detailed contract will be given to the client for review and agreement. 3. Fees are either hourly, on a flat fee basis, on commission, on retainer or on a contract basis, depending on the contract. Contracts are based on individual, specific circumstances, and are customized to each client and case.4. The first phone consultation is free of charge to the client, up to 15 min. In-person consultations at your location can be arranged for a fee.5. A non-refundable retainer fee equal to 30% to 50% of the estimated total hourly fee is payable in advance upon contract signing, unless other arrangements are made. Upon depletion of retainer, additional fees, if any or including commission, will be due in full upon receipt of a billing statement. A retainer on the expected total commission may be required if the work is done on a commission-only basis. 6. Accepted payment methods are: checks, cash, credit cards (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover), PayPal, Square & Money orders. 7. Call us, email us or fax us your questions, concerns or any new information. Please keep in mind any new request or change in the original work contract may result in pricing changes.8. Nothing is a guarantee in the healthcare business. But I am committed to providing you with my very best efforts and thank you for your cooperation and patience. However, if I ultimately cannot remove, reduce or obtain payment for a charge, or if it turns out the charges are legitimate, you will still be responsible for payment of my services. My services are not covered by your health insurance.