Includes auditing your medical accounts, scrutinizing statements, identifying overcharged, erroneous or non-billable charges, examining billing practices and verifying that all parties abide by current laws. I can determine if your insurer paid per policy, file appeals, audit EOBs, and fight on your behalf.  I communicate with your insurer and medical providers to resolve any issue, or obtain proper or corrective actions.

Fee Negotiation

I will negotiate cash or reduced fees, or explore ways to lower your current liability.


Account Management

I will audit bills, review charges, manage accounts and file appeals on your behalf. I can make sure you are only charged for what you owe.


I have the certification and skills to resolve end-game conflicts or get families together to reach difficult decisions.

Educational Resources

I provide education on insurance plans and coverage, and on how to use the system to your  best advantage. I advise you on options and inform you of your rights.



Part educator, part cheerleader, part guide – I find it important to encourage and develop existing qualities while exposing areas where work is required.



Contact me for matters relating to all aspects of the medical billing process, for liability management strategy or to help you with financial issues faced by your clients.


I work with providers and negotiate one-time agreements to lower your financial responsibility and minimize out of network liability for your members. I believe a fair payment helps all parties, and saves appeal processing time, eliminates patient anguish while fostering providers’ good will.


I offer support, educative and general advocacy services when your HR has neither time nor expertise to answer your staff’s questions or issues.


I resolve billing conflicts with your patients, negotiate settlements on aged accounts by involving a neutral third party. Please note I am not a collection agency.